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How to Setup Your Mobile Data Connection For Use With the Get Cash Now App

If you are looking for a way to earn extra money, then consider downloading Get Cash Now App. This is a simple and easy to use free iPhone and iPod Touch application that has been designed by a freelance SEO specialist who also developed the highly popular Squidoo and HubPages online properties. The app basically allows you to create your own high quality content which is optimized for the large crowd using Google's mobile search capabilities so that when people go searching for a product or service similar to yours they will be able to find it.

You will need to have a relatively modern phone (running latest version) in order to use Get Cash Now App. There is a link on the main webpage called "How To" which will take you to a short video that shows you step by step how to get started. Then you simply follow the instructions on screen. Your phone will have to be rooted before you can use the cash dispenser, as it does not normally come pre-rooted. If you can't get your phone to work, then be sure to email the developer and ask for help.

The cash dispenser runs off of a microprocessor based on Open Source software. It displays a graphical user interface (using Quartz Flash) allowing you to browse your stored content, search for relevant items or services, add items to your shopping list and much more. When the desired action is performed, such as adding an item to your shopping list, tapping on the send button, entering a credit card number or clicking on a saved error code, the action is performed instantly and the cash dispenser is charged according to the configured settings. If there is an error, the error code is displayed so you can quickly double check your transaction.

One of the nice features of the Get Cash Now app is the integrated secure area where you enter your login information in case anyone else gets your personal or financial information. This prevents the theft of your account information by others on the internet. Once you have entered your security credentials, you can then proceed to the real time banking section of the app to check your balance, transfer funds, create a new account or even clear your transaction history. There are many payment options available such as Credit Cards and many other gateways. You can even set up alerts so you are notified whenever a payment is due so that you don't waste any time getting the money from your checking account or debit card.

When your transactions are complete and your error clears, you can then go back to your main board and use your card or banking icon to pay for your purchase. The Get Cash Now app displays an online receipt, so you can print it out and keep it for your records. Once your transaction is completed, you are also sent a text message or an email containing your tracking number and confirmation code. Either way, your cash dispenser will mechanically dispense the amount of money that you transferred to your account.

Now before I wrap up, I want to let you know that the Get Cash Now application does not work with any of the following networks: GPRS, CDMA, sim free, or tethered. However, if you have a tethered mobile data connection, you may be able to use the Get Cash Now app. Please check your mobile data connection availability. If you do have a wifi-capable device, please check your mobile air connection as well.

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